voting, water, skyfall and busted metro systems

here’s my week in a list.

1. voting – on tuesday, like the majority of Americans i went to the polling station, stood in line and waited to make my voice heard.  i got a little teary-eyed when i thought about those who fought for the vote for all.  if you are a fan of women’s suffrage and/or lady gaga [you know i am], then you’ll love the video below.

2. water – this week i completed week 1 of the weekly wellness challenge.  i didn’t see a lot of differences in my wellness, besides being thirstier and having to use the lady’s room a little more than usual. this next week is going to be a real challenge. getting to bed early is hard for me, especially when there are so many things to watch on netflix.

3. art in the city – saturday i was supposed to meet my boss for an artist lecture at the national gallery. i didn’t want to fuss with parking, so i opted to take the metro. there was crazy construction on the metro line. long story short, i was an hour late for the lecture, so i decided to just skip and go to the hirshorn museum. i saw the exhibit of ai weiwei [a favorite of mine], clyfford still [a new favorite], and other fantastic artists, all of who i studied in school [think francis bacon and calder]. it was such a fantastic museum outing. huzzah for city living!

4. skyfall – like the majority of women, i have a weakness for men in suits, especially suits made by the exquisite tom ford. men of the world, tom for is who should be styling you.

i mean, come on. a well dressed man, sitting in the national gallery, staring at a turner. be still my heart.

and, like the majority of humans, i love a good action flick. and i love the new bond series.  daniel craig is a great bond. and eve was awesome as a bond girl  woman.  the plot was great.  the cinematography was great.  the action was great. the cars were great. in summation, everything about this movie was great. strike that, for about twenty minutes i was wondering why on earth anyone would let his keep that terrible fuzz beard.  thank goodness eve helped him shave it off.  it was seriously killing the mood.