new york day 3

– frick [making friends with security guard in the goya room]
– moma [starry night, pollock, and rothko]
– talk by james swenson
– shopping

– cocktail party in MET in the egyptian room
– dinner [after took much coke and we were way to hyper]

sorry that last one is such bad quality.  trust me.  we looked good


new york day 2

– christie’s auction house [education tour and auction]
– lunch at five guys [yum!]
– shopping [dream shopping including tiffany’s]
– international photography exhibit with special curator
– dinner with said curator [in a bar, being creeped on my forgien creepers]

new york day 1

– red eye flight [aka no sleep]
– arrive in new york at 6 am [aka exhausted]
– cloisters to see the merod altar piece and the unicorn tapestries
– lunch at rockefeller center
– nap [for nearly two hours]
– guggenhiem
– walking all around madison avenue and fifth [aka lusting]
– starkbucks for internet
– talking to boy
– bed by 10

all in all.  good day.