things i’ve been liking

image from here

sorry it’s been busy.  school is tough.  but here are a few links to things i’ve been liking.

this dress
this sweater, these sweaters
these flats
this photoshoot, this photoshoot, this photoshoot
this outfit, these outfits, this outfit, this outfit, this outfit, this outfit, this outfit, this outfit, this outfit
this exhibition
this wedding
these photos
this clothing line, this clothing line, this clothing line
this wedding veil
this quote
this soup
this idea to spice up my house
updating my new blog


just some lovely links

finals are over, giving me a few days of calm before classes restart on monday.  this new semester means a few things:  our boys at apt. 203 leave for the summer (sad), katie leaves for africa (sad) BUT jen comes back from spain (yay) and i take up tennis (yay).  i thought i’d just share a few links with you guys.  enjoy:
this shop
these illustrations; these illustrations
these photos; these photos; this photo; these photos; these photos; these photos; these photos;
this editorial
these love letters; these love letters
this quote; this quote; this quote
this documentary on mural painting
this engagement shoot; this wedding; this engagement shoot; this bridal shot
this girl’s style
this car
this swing
these glasses
this website
this outfit
these bags- any of them.  in fact this whole store
this music video; this music video; this music video (but mostly the song)

have a lovely weekend.

current likes

i should be doing homework.  but i’m not going to. instead, i’m going to do this instead.  yes, i’m going to compile a list of this i am currently liking.
this painting.
these wedding dresses… most of them (not the mermaid tail or the second one)
these rings.  they’d make darling engagement rings.
this wedding.
this quote. this quote. this quote.
this girl’s clothing.
these illustrations.
these photos. these photos.
this music video.
these clothes.
this candy.
this pottery.
this girl.


i finally got a pair of wellies.  (yes, just a couple of days before leaving london.)  but i love them.  of course i bought hunters because they are the classic wellie of england- and both the queen and the duke of edinburgh put their little stamp of approval on these babies. 

now, i really want rain.  and lots of it!

likes of this week

i really like:
.this music video.
you can listen to the full album here until it’s released on the 23rd.
.this example of girl power.
.these glittery reminders.
.these laptop cases.
.these rings.
.this quote, this quote, this quote, this quote and this Irish blessing.
.this look.
.this person’s likes and dislikes.
.this old man.
.this take on modern love/ how to simplify modern love.
.this short movie about remembering.
.this wedding idea.
.this store.

have a fantastic weekend!


say what? i said bibliochic.  do you like books?  do you like old books?  do you like recycling?  do you like gorgeous handmade items? then, you need to check out this bibliochic etsy store.  you know my sister katherine?  well, she and her really good friend/ nearly sister started this etsy store and they have some beautiful things! check these items out:

and so much more- they even does custom work- like if you want a certain book, ect.   oh, did i mention that it’s all HANDMADE.  pretty cool.  make sure you check it out and tell your friends.  they also have a blog for the store.  check it out here.