style jealousy

man, i wish i was this girl.  look how sweet she looks. image via the satorialist


Celebrate Good Times!

last final taken. NO MORE CLASS!

how’d did i celebrate? Oh, that’s right, i went to Angelina’s and drank the best hot chocolate in the world. 7 euros is such a reasonable price for the perfect celebration. And, it’s so delicious!

magnificent setting

i want these cups

such good hot chocolate (sorry it’s blurry)

Passing Time.

I only have two more weeks in Paris. It is crazy! I really have enjoyed it, but I am so excited to go home! I miss my family. I miss speaking English and understanding people on the street.

Well, let’s not get all weepy.

I just did a photo assignment for my class. I was inspired by the work of Michael Kenna, found here. Look through his work. It’s time well spent. What I love about Kenna’s work is the sadness and the feeling of passing time. So, how perfect would it be that I was inspired by his work with this idea already in my head. What helped the inspiration of this was Iron and Wine’s “Passing Afternoon.”

Please. Listen to the music while you look at my pictures. I think it gives them greater depth.

Would’ve, Should’ve, Could’ve

So, we did this photo essay for photography class… and I wish i chose a different photo. What do you think?

the one i chose:

why i don’t like this picture: too symmetrical and too busy. maybe if it were just the three people in the foreground, i would’ve liked it a whole lot more…. just too many people for me.

here are a few that i wish i chose:





what do you guys think? did i make the right choice? i guess we’ll see when i get my grade… dang it.

Caution: MANY Pictures

Salon du Chocolat.
Seriously the best 12 euros ever spent. Billions of free samples of the most delicious chocolates in the world. Plus a fashion show with dresses made with chocolate (very project runway-esque. Except the models weren’t the best.) I also saw Pierre Hermes, the genius pastry chef.
Enjoy the pictures. (I’ll try to get some up on facebook or flickr. I took a lot.)