independence day thought

a lot of people think that the 4th of july was the day that america was created.  FALSE.  i like to think of it more as america’s 18th birthday.  it was the day we told our mother- england- that we could handle it on our own.  our mother of course fought us, but we were emancipated and have been living quite well out by ourselves.  now look at us.  we’re awesome.  there’s no denying that.  and although our mother might not have always wanted to put our interests first, i know that she loved us.  example:  england is basically our closest ally.  name a nation that we are closer to.  oh, you can’t?  case proven.

alright, everything written above might be an example of the silly things i think.  and i may often seem incredibly unpatriotic.  but, i do love this nation.  we have so many rights and freedoms.  we have done so much good for the world.  we are a land where speaking one’s opinion is not only acceptable, but encouraged.  we’ve made leaps and bounds scientifically, socially, and technologically.  we might have many areas to improve on, but i still think that we are pretty sweet.

i’m grateful for this country and my part in it.

happy celebration of your 18th birthday, america.


no. 8

7 o’clock news/ silent night (one of my personal favorites)

“In Washington the atmosphere was tense today as a special subcommittee of the
House Committee on Un-American activities continued it’s probe into anti-Vietnam war protests.
Demonstrators were forcibly evicted from the hearings when they began chanting
anti-war slogans.”

full lyrics here.  music video here.  picture here.


i don’t really like blogging about politics, because i am generally much more liberal than many of you, my dear readers.  but i am very interested in what you think about the supreme court ruling on unlimited corporation contributions…

any thoughts? 

i disagree with it, but i am curious to see your guy’s opinions…. so don’t hold back



i say that with deep sadness and a little hint of anger. this article just makes me want to scream… and cry.


Oh, history.

I just saw this clip and it made me think of this.

History, find another hobby and STOP repeating yourself.

(Also, I’m not a huge fan of Glenn Back; take a chill pill, buddy. No Obama ain’t perfect, but he’s no devious Lenin either.)


God Bless Our President

If you haven’t watched, listened or read this speech, you must!

President Barack Obama says everything that I’ve been thinking for the past year or so. He’s just much more charismatic than I am. This is a historic speech, and I can’t wait to see its effects.

Ahh, what a perfect way to start the day.