random thoughts

currently, i am content, neither ecstatic nor depressed.  it’s a nice feeling.

in an attempt to better prioritize my life, i’ve logged off facebook until after finals (next friday).  instead of wasting my time doing nothing on that, maybe i’ll be more productive in other aspects of my life: blogging, cleaning my apartment, cooking/baking, scripture/ Ensign reading, and just reading in general.  I’ve also wanted to re-start yoga.  maybe that’s what i’ll do in the mornings instead of facebook stalking people.  yes.  good plan.

any book suggestions?  any music suggestions?  any favorite yoga programs?

sorry it’s wavy.  i got out of the shower and decided to not do it.

i’m bored with my hair.  i’ve tried dying it, growing it out (including the bangs), and changing my part.  any thoughts?

i’ve decided to start a “no make-up” monday.  it’s going well.  also, i want to stop wearing mascara and only wear lip color.  i saw it in the j.crew catalogue, and i fell in love.

i haven’t shaved my legs in a little over a month… too far?

sorry about this rant.



come on fall!

what i WANT to be wearing.  image from toast.

ok, so we’re a few weeks into september now.  but what’s the weather like?  oh, i’ll tell you.  it’s 88 degrees today.  yes.  and tomorrow it’s going to be up to 90.  yeah.  come on fall. how am i supposed to wear my adorable sweaters- both cardigans and dresses- without you!?


independence day thought

a lot of people think that the 4th of july was the day that america was created.  FALSE.  i like to think of it more as america’s 18th birthday.  it was the day we told our mother- england- that we could handle it on our own.  our mother of course fought us, but we were emancipated and have been living quite well out by ourselves.  now look at us.  we’re awesome.  there’s no denying that.  and although our mother might not have always wanted to put our interests first, i know that she loved us.  example:  england is basically our closest ally.  name a nation that we are closer to.  oh, you can’t?  case proven.

alright, everything written above might be an example of the silly things i think.  and i may often seem incredibly unpatriotic.  but, i do love this nation.  we have so many rights and freedoms.  we have done so much good for the world.  we are a land where speaking one’s opinion is not only acceptable, but encouraged.  we’ve made leaps and bounds scientifically, socially, and technologically.  we might have many areas to improve on, but i still think that we are pretty sweet.

i’m grateful for this country and my part in it.

happy celebration of your 18th birthday, america.

the cosmos

the other day, i was leafing through my friend’s book on the cosmos.  it was incredible.  i really like stars, and planets and out of world objects.  just look at that image.  isn’t it amazing!  to think that we are literally specks in vasts of other specks and darkness.  it really makes me feel humble and little.  but in a beautiful sort of way.

learning lessons

this past few days, i’ve learned quite a lot about myself:  i am not a positive thinker.  i like being in control/ i hate it when things are out of my control.

it’s all across the news that volcanic ash has completely shut down europe for the past few days.  yeah.  sounds terrible.  i don’t think people really understand how terrible the situation is unless they live through it.  i’m living through it.  i was supposed to arrive in DC yesterday.  that plan was shot down  when volcanic ash prevented any flights from getting into london.  so we rescheduled.  i was supposed to leave tomorrow morning, but the wind continues to blow ash over europe, so that plan fell through.  so, we rescheduled.  now, i fly out weds- fingers crossed.

i was supposed to spend this week with my sisters in DC.  now, i won’t get there until weds and i will have to fly out to utah on friday.  that gives me a lovely two days to spend with my sister.  TWO instead of SEVEN.  see why i’m frustrated?

rainy day thoughts

1.  if you need a rainy day playlist, check out mine. (why did it take me so long to learn about jeremy messermith? if i had learned about him back in MN, than i could’ve gone to his concerts.  ah, life!)

2. it’s BACK.  yes, radiant readers, the crazy tyra is back and hosting a brand new cycle of ANTM!  yes.  i love this show.  it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.  a REALLY guilty pleasure.  but i just love it. 
last cycle was probably my favorite, but just because my favorite girl FINALLY won. * spoiler alert*  yes, nicole fox won.  isn’t she stunning (pic to the right)?  well, this cycle is getting a little boring. i don’t really know if i really like any of the girls… tyra is just as crazy as ever, though.  somethings never change, and i take comfort in that.  still, i hope these girls step it up.  honestly.  oh, and i am so over the drama!  last cycle there was very little drama, but this cycle, holy cow!  they just let it all go.

3.  i like the sound of rain on my windows.  it’s very peaceful.

well, that’s all for now.