best weekend ever!

i ran my half-marathon [13.1 miles!] it only took my 02:13:48.  if i didn’t have to go to the bathroom, then it would’ve only taken 02:10:48.  stupid bladder.  but i felt so good! [today, not so much]

here’s jen and i at the finish line.. an hour after our finish.

also, i heard back from my internship!  i got it! you are reading the words of BYU MOA’s new contemporary curator’s intern.  that’s right.

goals accomplished.


what i’ve been up to

… besides school of course.

a few weeks ago, instead of homecoming, a group of us did what we call “homeless coming”.  read more about it on my friend/roommate katie’s blog.

here is a group picture.  yes, my date is pouring his root beer on me.

here’s a pic of the three roommates with their dates.

bennett & me, paul & jen, katie & tanner 

then, this last week, we had a roommate birthday party.  jen’s birthday is on the 3rd and katie and i are twinners born on the 30th.

so far the running has gone well.  i’ve run four miles in the past four days.  no, it doesn’t really sound like a lot, but i’m proud of how i’m doing.