just some updates:

so, i finally made it to america.  cue cheering crowd.  unfortunately, though i flew into houston, TX before continuing to utah.  not like texas is bad or anything, it was just a major culture shock for me.  imagine going from seeing girls in oxfords and skirts to track suits and 4-inch heels- and yes, i saw that.  but now that the culture shock is wearing off, i’m realizing how much i’ve missed america.  i miss driving, the mountains, the current- a radio station-, and not being aware of how i use different words or how i talk differently.  it’s nice to be back, to be able to see family and friends.  yay!

katherine helped me move into my apartment yesterday.  we ran errands all day.  (literally all day.  we left our cabin in midway by 10 and we didn’t finish moving me in until past 9.)  my apartment is a little… dirty, falling apart… but it’s great. 

today, i start classes.  tuesdays and thursdays are my longest days.  i have three classes today- starting at noon and ending by 6:30.  but the rest of the week, i only have one class at two, so that’s nice. 

maybe i’ll wander around provo this week to take some photos of my new neighborhood.  stay tunned for that.