dreaming of summer

in this dream, i’m wearing these:

images from jcrew, french connection and zara (respectively)

and i’m here:

queenstown, new zealand


balboa I

my family has been vacationing on balboa island forever!  seriously.  it’s a huge tradition for my family.

since the ocean was cold for the first few days, my family spent those days laying out by the pool.  we kept busy though, mostly with chicken fights.  but it was still fun.

a retraction

i feel slightly guilty for saying how much i crave autumn.  summer is great, too.  (even if my shirt instantly sticks to my back as i walk to class, or if it’s so hot in my room that i’ve considered sleeping in a freezer.)  but i need to be better at enjoy each moment i’m in.  i need to be better at embracing the now.

so, here it goes.  i’m going to enjoy summer.

image from here.