play day, again.

yesterday i saw not one, but TWO plays.  i don’t think the second would count as a play, but i’m counting it.

the first was “cat on a hot tin roof” with james earl jones and phylicia rashad.  i loved the acting, staging, costumes, music, but i HATED the story.  i don’t know how many of you know it, but it is just a hateful story.  there is not one redeeming character in the whole play.  the men use and then throw aside their women as soon as it becomes convenient.  i think tennesse williams (the author) tried to save the play with a plea from big mama at the end to “love each other and get along.” but the last lines of the play were between the married couple, Maggie and Brick.

Maggie:  You know I love you.

Brick:  Wouldn’t that be funny if it were true.

those lines kinda set the flavor of the play.

yuck.  it left me with a really bad taste in my mouth.  i don’t know how such a hateful play is so well loved.

the second was cirque du soleil “varkai”. man, do i love these performances!  they do the cool circus tricks, but with a dancing twist.  the costumes, music and story line make it more of a ballet than a circus.  i loved it.  plus there was a love story.  how perfect.

go here to look at photos, a trailer and to listen to the music.

so spectacular. 


play day

today i saw ian mckellan, roger reese and a couple other guys in a little play called “waiting for godot.”  ever heard of it?  it’s kinda a big deal.

did i mention i was in row 6?  that’s kinda close.

Two Things

1. i saw the best play today. it’s called “an inspector calls.” you know ms. marple? she was in it. that’s right the adorable woman. seriously though, this play was spectacular! it really emphasized the hypocrisy of 19th Cent., Victorian Britian, but it could easily be applied to today’s society. the play was so well done. i just want to talk about it, but i don’t want to give anything away, so i won’t, but go out and find it and read it. trust me. it’s amazing!

2. by my 21 birthday, i’ll already be an old maid, just like ophelia.* yes, i’ve taken up knitting. i feel like an old lady. i started working on this gorgeous scarf, but i had to give it up, because it was too hard, but i’ve found a much easier pattern and am now doing that. i’m only on the 9th row, so i’m not going to post any pictures, ’cause there isn’t much to see, but don’t you worry, i will add them as soon as i am further along.

* a special bonus for anyone who can name from what that comes. no cheating. (some one please applaud my grammar!)