house, md

i love this show, especially this past season.  it was so amazing.  it finished last night, but it finished in with a glorious bang.  well done hugh laurie and team.



previous episode (modern warfare) = best episode EVER!

rainy day thoughts

1.  if you need a rainy day playlist, check out mine. (why did it take me so long to learn about jeremy messermith? if i had learned about him back in MN, than i could’ve gone to his concerts.  ah, life!)

2. it’s BACK.  yes, radiant readers, the crazy tyra is back and hosting a brand new cycle of ANTM!  yes.  i love this show.  it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.  a REALLY guilty pleasure.  but i just love it. 
last cycle was probably my favorite, but just because my favorite girl FINALLY won. * spoiler alert*  yes, nicole fox won.  isn’t she stunning (pic to the right)?  well, this cycle is getting a little boring. i don’t really know if i really like any of the girls… tyra is just as crazy as ever, though.  somethings never change, and i take comfort in that.  still, i hope these girls step it up.  honestly.  oh, and i am so over the drama!  last cycle there was very little drama, but this cycle, holy cow!  they just let it all go.

3.  i like the sound of rain on my windows.  it’s very peaceful.

well, that’s all for now.

World vs. Mr. Rogers

If you dear readers are like me, you grew up watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. I think everyone who watched that program took something. I took away how he had an outdoor sweater and an indoor one, and he always hung them up. My friend Darrik told me that he was influenced by the way Mr. Rogers always put away his shoes. I’m sure you all have similar impressions.
Mr. Rogers was a great man, and he tried so hard to teach us children to love ourselves. He ended each show with a sweet message: “I like you, just the way you are.” Below is a video that compares Mr. Rogers to the world. I hope it makes you think.

I wear makeup. ‘Tis true. I worry about if people will like the clothes I buy. I worry about if guys will think my eyelashes are long enough. (why would they care? i don’t know, but i still worry about it.) The point that I am wanting to get across is that you should like you, no matter what.
Dear Future Children- you will grow up watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood [if i can find it on DVD]. x leslie
These are lessons that I want burned into my children’s minds.

here’s a last video of Mr. Rogers. i dare you NOT to tear up.

Bone Deep

Have you guys watched Bones? Are you currently watching it? I am, and I LOVE it. They finally have a show out with a strong, smart, and independent female who isn’t over-the-top and, well, witchy- Dr. Temperance Brennen. The way she gets away with it, is she’s a science nerd, and well, endearing. She really grows on you. FBI Agent Booth, her partner in solving crime, is a great “all american” boy who is just great.

When I watched this past weeks episode, “The Dwarf in the Dirt,” and it made me very happy. I smiled the rest of the day.

(I’m trying to upload my photos from Remembrance day, but my iPhoto is being STUPID. Sorry. If you want to see photos from my Chartres trip, look on my flickr page.)


Alright, if you’ve talked with me, you know i’m a little disappointed with how the Office is development. So, i’ve been looking for a show that can make me just as happy as the Office.

I’ve come up with a few options:

A: Better Off Ted
B: How I Met Your Mother

But the one that I love more than even those two is COMMUNITY! It has the Russo brothers as its directors; if you like Arrested Development you will recognize them as directors from that great show, as well. Oh, did I mention it has Chevy Chase? Or Joel McHale (the host from the soup)? Oh, well, it does.

Here’s the preview by NBC:

And honestly, WATCH THE SHOW! You won’t regret it.